Case Study: Quaker and TCI's Success Story

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Quaker's powder painting facility

Quaker Windows & Doors

"Quaker's powder coating plant is a
testimony to their commitment to
quality. TCI and Quaker have a shared
vision of creating the best possible
products and bringing quality to our

The Company

For over 65 years, Quaker Windows & Doors has been dedicated to making quality products for the residential, commercial, and architectural markets. The company, founded by the Knoll family in 1949, is dedicated to providing the highest quality wood, vinyl, and aluminum windows and doors. Today, the second-generation owners are continuing this tradition of quality by using the highest-grade materials, cutting-edge technology, and top-notch facilities to incorporate their expertise into every product sold. “A Tradition of Quality” is the company’s motto and pledge. “We constantly strive to build on our reputation for quality along with our history and passion for continual improvement and product development,” says Kevin Blansett, Quaker CEO.

The Problem

To maintain their commitment and legacy to produce the highest quality windows and doors, Quaker was looking for a superior, long-lasting alternative to wet paint for their expanding line of aluminum products.

Quaker quickly saw the advantages that powder coatings have over wet paint including a solvent-free workplace, lower overall line costs, and ease of cleanup. Powder coatings also emit zero to very low VOCs and offer overspray recycling capabilities. Quaker found TCI’s TruDurance architectural powder coatings to be the right alternative to wet paint. TCI’s powder coating benefits are simple: the coatings look better, last longer, and fit with Quaker’s environmental awareness initiatives for “building green.”


Washing - Quaker Windows and Doors' wash step in their powder coating process
Powder Coating - Quaker Windows and Doors' powder coating step in their powder coating process

The Solution

In 2009, Quaker switched from liquid to powder coatings to achieve the best possible finish on its aluminum products. When Quaker decided to construct a new paint facility in 2012, they chose to install a turnkey powder coating system from pretreatment to final cure. This new facility, which is one of the largest state-of-the-art powder coating plants west of the Mississippi, has enabled Quaker to reduce painting costs while improving process efficiency and enhancing painting quality.

Quaker partnered with TCI Powder Coatings to supply the high quality powder coating solution they needed to meet the ever-evolving needs and expectations of the architectural market. Working closely with TCI, Quaker Windows & Doors offers only protective and decorative finishes that meet AAMA 2604 and 2605 requirements. Steve Jones, Architectural & Building Products Segment Manager for TCI, says, “Quaker’s powder coating plant is a testimony to their commitment to quality. TCI and Quaker have a shared vision of creating the best possible products and bringing quality to our customers. This is illustrated well in the pairing of TruDurance powder coatings and Quaker Windows & Doors."

For more than 25 years, TCI has been an industry-leading powder coating supplier with a strong commitment to their products and service. TCI has developed products to meet specific customer requirements for many years and as a result has developed extensive technical capabilities in the powder coating industry. TCI uses the highest quality raw materials, develops new innovative formulas for demanding applications, and is constantly improving their manufacturing process. Their technical center houses developmental, analytical, performance, and durability testing that keeps TCI at the forefront of all powder coating manufacturers. Recently, TCI has made significant advancements in architectural powder coatings with the development of their TruAnodize architectural line.


Powder Coating - Quaker Windows and Doors' powder coating step in their powder coating process - powder coating aluminum

"Quaker's sales revenues have hit double
digit growth, and production for their
aluminum product line has doubled
since the plant came online."

Curing - Quaker Windows and Doors' curing step in their powder coating process

The Results

Powder coatings are green

By joining in partnership with TCI, Quaker Windows & Doors has been able to transition from using liquid coatings to powder, create higher quality and more durable products, decrease costs, meet AAMA requirements, and increase their production efficiency. With the transition to powder coating, Quaker has become more environmentally friendly. Unlike liquid paint, no solvents are used in powder coating, so only negligible amounts of VOCs are released into the air. In addition, unused or over sprayed powder can be recovered, so any waste is minimal and can be disposed of easily and safely, making powder a real, green solution.

Quaker’s sales revenues have hit double-digit growth and production for their aluminum product line has doubled since the plant came online. Quaker is seeing huge growth in powder coated aluminum and now has the facility to maintain and push that growth. Clients see the quality and consistency with the powder-coated products, and Quaker has now had five years of proven work with powder coatings with no issues. Proud of what they call the “The Quaker Difference” – doing the job right the first time – Quaker spends a little more time and money upfront in order to give the customer the best possible product.

The Future

Quaker Windows & Doors continues to expand. They have recently built a new 185,000 ft² vinyl window and door plant, freeing up over 100,000 ft² on the main campus for increased manufacturing of powder coated aluminum windows and doors to effectively meet industry growth and product demand.

Quaker Windows and Doors - Quaker Windows and Doors partners with TCI Powder Coatings

Bill Sifflard, Director of Business Development at Quaker Windows & Doors, states, “TCI is not just a supplier, but a great partner for Quaker. As well as high quality powder coatings, they bring constant innovation, new products, and technology to keep us on the cutting edge of the industry. TCI is always looking into the future and solving problems before they are realized.”

The creation of TCI’s new TruAnodize architectural powder coating line is a great example of their constant innovation. TCI realized there was a problem in the market with different grades of anodized aluminum, which led them to develop TruAnodize, a superior exterior performance coating that meets AAMA 2604 requirements and minimizes or eliminates color variation problems associated with anodizing metals. These are cost-effective coatings that last longer, look better, and offer a longer warranty. Together Quaker and TCI are proud to prepare the best possible products that have excellent long-term results. Sifflard says, “We look forward to a continued partnership with TCI as we expand and grow, opening new windows and doors together.”