Agricultural & Construction Approvals

Agricultural powder coatings have high durability and great corrosion resistance.

Coatings that will meet the demands of harsh environments for the Agricultural and Construction market

The Agricultural and Construction (ACE) market requires coatings that will meet the demands of the harsh environments, providing exceptional durability and corrosion resistance. TCI's 9000 and 10000 Series products offer long-term protection, exceptional color and gloss retention, and help minimize your environmental footprint.

TCI's powder coatings developed for the agricultural and construction market have been tested to meet the stringent specifications of major manufacturers. Our product portfolio has the broadest formulating range in color and gloss and meet the functional requirements to protect against corrosion and weathering.


Product Code Description CNH Specification CNH Color Part # CNH Class Number
9920-72188 CNH CE Gray MAT0103 86981868 Class 5
9920-12085 CNH Power Tan MAT0103 86609760 Class 5
9510-91410 Case Black Primer (Lava Black) MAT0103 86629831 Class 3
9720-91950 Case Black Primer MAT0103 86629831 Class 3
9920-51087 NH Blue MAT0103 86593620 Class 5
9920-72190 CNH Dark Gray MAT0103 84433810 Class 5
9420-91835 CNH Black MAT0103 86600186 Class 5

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