11000 Series – AAMA 2605 Specification

11000 Series Highest Exterior Performance Organic Systems are formulated to meet the requirements of the AAMA 2605 specification. Products in this series have a 60 degree gloss range of 35-80% and are available in many colors. Proper chrome or non-chrome pretreatment is critical for product performance. The chrome coating weight must be applied at 40 mg/ft2 minimum. The non-chrome coating must be applied per supplier's specifications. A TCI technical representative must audit each application system to insure products will meet the 2605 specification.


TCI utilizes a thermosetting fluoropolymer to meet the demanding weathering and resistance requirements of this specification. Color selection is limited by the pigments that can perform at this level of durability. Aluminum metallic and pearlescents finishes are available with a clear topcoat.