RAL Color Program

At TCI, we are continually working to develop innovative new products and improve upon existing offerings. As part of this commitment, we launched the RAL Color Program to develop reformulated RAL powder coatings that maintain all the original RAL standards while providing an enhanced appearance and increased durability.

While establishing the RAL Color Program, we acquired the actual RAL Classic color system (traceable back to the original master standards). Using advanced technology, we improved the smoothness of this respected color matching system for a better visual appearance and enhanced the inter-coat adhesion characteristics to minimize the number of rejects during recoating or top coating. Both the resins and the pigments are extremely durable, resulting in coatings that withstand extended UV exposure.

Our vast inventory of RAL products are available in convenient 25-pound boxes and are formulated in a low energy system that can be cured at temperatures as low as 350°F for a cost-effective solution with a rapid turnaround.

Download the RAL Flyer (pdf).


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