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Products within the furniture and fixture industry need excellent surface protection and diverse styling options. To keep customers happy with their purchases, products need to survive through wear and tear, and maintain an attractive look and feel. We offer an extensive selection of smooth, textured, metallic, and low cure colors that add style and provide durability to exterior and interior furniture.

Our UV and mar resistant powder coatings are especially well suited for outdoor furniture applications that require an attractive finish while maintaining a high level of durability and protection.


Furniture & Fixture Applications Calling for Durable Finishes

Store Fixtures

Store Fixtures & Displays

Office Furniture

Office Furniture

Garden Pieces

Garden Pieces

Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Warehouse Racking

Warehouse Racking

Filing Cabinets

Filing Cabinets



Innovation for Your Application

TruIllusion Powder Coatings

TCI Illusion powder coatings with a highly reflective metallic look.

TruIllusion reflective powder coatingsIllusion is the distortion of the senses, reveling how the brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. This is the basis for TCI Powder Coatings' TruIllusion product line. These unique special effect products were developed to allow you to interpret or imagine almost anything. As the light reflects the different angles created in the coating, the reflection changes, and therefore the illusion is created offering a special effect appearance.

TruPeel Powder Coatings

Powder coatings with a deep orange peel appearance to cover large surface areas or surface defects.

The TCI TruPeel combines the benefits of appearance while offering the widest application for these type of textures in the industry today. TCI integrates a robust formulation and a unique manufacturing process to allow the consumer to apply at a broad film range, using multiple style guns with a variety of gun settings. TCI TruPeeI has been used to coat small and large parts very successfully, including manually applied and in an automatic system.

TruHammer Powder Coatings

TCI hammertones' unique formulation assure the broadest application window for the most robust hammertones available.

TruHammer powder coatingsTruHammer hammertone powder coatings assure the broadest application window, giving the coater the most robust hammertones available. TruHammer offers a more consistent finished product day in and day out than traditional hammertones. Hammertones may not be considered new or unique, but a true hammertone product line that understands the issues and/or problems historical hammertones have caused, is in fact, very unique.

Metallic Powder Coatings

TCI powder coatings with a metallic appearance.

Metallic powder coatingsWith powder coatings, you can achieve a variety of appearances, including appearances that contain metallic pigments. Metallic finishes create that extra flare for any industrial or decorative product.


Multicolor Powder Coatings

TCI's multicolor powder coatings are formulated as both TGIC Polyester and Urethane Polyester systems.

Multicolor Powder CoatingsMulticolor powder coating products are formulated as either TGIC Polyester or Urethane Polyester systems, and can meet many decorative application requirements. They are ideal for use in both interior and exterior applications, such as lighting fixtures, railings, fences, and furniture.

TruZinc Powder Coatings

Zinc-rich primers to protect ferrous substrates.

TruZinc Primers protect ferrous substrates by two mechanisms. First, they act as a barrier to water and electrolytes increasing the electrical resistance of the corrosion cell. Second, they provide zinc which acts as a sacrificial anode. TCI's TruZinc Primers are the benchmark for corrosion resistance and may be utilized where high performance requirements are demanded. TruZinc Primers can be used both as a primer in a multi-coat system or as a single coat system. 

TruZinc Primer for Powder Coatings
TruBond Powder Coatings

Consistent batch to batch quality and high percentage of bond improves application and performance.

TruBond Bonded Metallic Powder CoatingsWith powder coatings, you can achieve a variety of appearances, including appearances that contain metallic pigments. When you incorporate metallic, you must keep in mind the application process used as well as the atmospheric conditions the finished product may be subjected to. TruBond creates an extremely high percentage of bond, improving your application and performance over the bonding processes.

Powder Coating Primers

Primers to increase corrosion resistance.

Powder coatings are extremely durable, exceptionally resistant to corrosion, and able to withstand exposure to harsh UV rays. Even so, in some circumstances a dual layer is required to achieve optimal corrosion resistance and meet specific appearance requirements. In these cases, use a primer base coat
for corrosion resistance. 

Metallic powder coatings


Furniture & Fixture Market Approvals

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TruPak Small Packaging Program

TruPak small packaging program

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