Off-Road Powder Coatings

To meet the demands of a harsh environment, it is essential that powder coatings for the Agricultural & Construction (ACE) markets are able to provide exceptional durability and corrosion resistance.

TCI’s anti-corrosion powder coatings were developed specifically for the agricultural and construction industry and have been thoroughly tested to meet the stringent specifications of major manufacturers. Our 9000 and 10000 series product line offers long-term protection, meets the functional requirements to protect against corrosion and weathering, has the broadest formulating range in color and gloss, and helps you minimize your environmental footprint.

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Lawn & Garden Powder Coatings

Lawn and garden outdoor environments call for strong polyester and urethane powder coatings with exceptional durability and resistance to corrosion.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing and completely covering the full surface of the substrate, the powder coating needs to have excellent chemical and fuel resistance and adequately provide protection from weathering. TCI’s custom formulated Lawn & Garden powder platform can provide this outstanding finish and protection. The exceptional coatings were developed specifically to meet the needs of the lawn and garden industry and have been thoroughly tested to align with expectations and specifications of key manufacturers.

Within the lawn and garden industry, TCI’s anti-corrosion powder coatings can be utilized for applications and end uses on lawn mowers, fertilizer spreaders, snow blowers, barbecue grills, chainsaws, garden tools, wheelbarrows, edgers, garden tillers, snow shovels, and patio furniture. Our 9000 and 10000 series product line offers enduring protection for our customers and their products. Furthermore, the coating’s range of color and gloss as well as minimal environmental footprint are two of its incomparable features that set it apart from other powder coatings.


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